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A deal with North Korea

June 13, 2018

Trump and Kim signed a document in Singapore Tuesday. It’s a good step, but time will tell what it really means.Five in Ten 6/13/18: A Deal with North Korea

Death throes of Christendom

May 30, 2018

A new study shows that Christians in Western Europe are about as religious as Nones — people who say they have no religion — in the United States.

War of information

April 15, 2018

THE NEWS media is a weapon. The question is who’s wielding it and for what purpose?

Russia strikes back

April 2, 2018

In response to the US government expelling 60 Russian diplomats and closing the Russian consulate in Seattle, the Kremlin has announced the expulsion of 60 American diplomats and the closing of the US consulate in St. Petersburg.

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