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This is a very bad idea

Conservatives looking to Sen. Marco Rubio as the answer need to wake up and smell the greenbacks:

U.S. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a possible 2016 White House contender, unveiled legislation on Wednesday to broaden the use of financial vehicles known as “income share agreements” that students can use to fund their higher education costs.

Under the agreements, which are marketed as an alternative to traditional student loans, private investors or organizations provide students with financing for their education costs in exchange for a percentage of their future earnings.

So indentured servitude is about to make a comeback in 21st century America. Wonderful.

As always, Vox Day takes this proposal to its logical end:

[W]hy not let men buy a percentage of a woman’s future sexual services in return for financing her education costs? If we’re going to let students peddle their futures, the least we can do is permit them to sell their bodies as well.

Sounds absurd, but remember, in the US, student loan debt can never be discharged through bankruptcy. The student loan system is nearly indentured servitude now.

The banksters have clearly gamed the system and Sen. Rubio appears to be just as far into in their pockets as President Obama.

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