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Recruiting for Joel’s Army

worlddomMy presentation on Dominion theology at the recent Orlando Prophecy Summit prompted some pushback from those who felt I was out of line using the forum to attack fellow believers. That wasn’t my intent.

My purpose was to show that there is a small but influential group, mainly hyper-charismatics, who believe they’re on a mission from God to conquer the world. The danger posed by this group isn’t an imminent theocracy — look at the culture around us and tell me you seriously think an overtly conservative Christian can possibly win the White House — but that it’s drawing well-meaning but biblically uninformed believers into their twisted eschatology.

The Elijah List, an online clearinghouse for new revelations from the self-appointed prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation, provides new evidence almost daily of their belief that a Christian holy war is near (emphasis in the original):

The Church is entering an age of militancy and spiritual confrontation. The “end of days” is characterized with great conflict. The struggle between “light” and “darkness” will continually escalate. We are entering days that will introduce amplified revelations of God’s Kingdom and Heaven’s spiritual economy. The Bible plainly foretells this battle as violent and spiritually bloody.

The Kingdom of Heaven truly suffers violence and God’s army must take it by force. […]

Our adversary will not willingly hand-over his influence in this earth without conflict. We may as well come to an understanding of this reality and accept it as a part of our generational calling.

Redemption was purchased in a most violent way. The shedding of the Lord’s Blood was brutal and unattractive to the natural eye. Nonetheless, it was the greatest demonstration of divine love ever expressed.

The innocent blood of Abel cried out from the ground with a prophetic voice of recompense. Jesus is the mediator of a new and better covenant; His Blood speaks better things than that of Abel (see Hebrews 12:24).

It is the destiny of this generation of overcoming saints to enter the “fullness of the stature of Christ.” It will be there (sic) calling to “taste the good word of God and the powers of the age to come” (see Hebrews 6:5). We have only seen isolated forerunners who introduced this more excellent way. A new day is upon us! This divine Life is in the Blood of Jesus; our quest is for a more comprehensive apprehension of its power.

The victory has already been won; it is now our place to appropriate it. This process is necessary for our spiritual development and maturation to rule and reign with Him as priests and kings. It would be quite simple for the Lord to eradicate every evil influence standing in our way. However, it is His desire to achieve it through us in a series of victorious battles that bring us to spiritual maturity.

These will be days of “blood and fire.” Greater appreciation of the redemptive virtue of God’s Blood and fiery conflicts between good and evil will prevail in coming days. Something truly noteworthy has been imparted into the spiritual DNA of this generation who qualify as overcomers – they are jealous for God in a militant way.

The Lord is a Warrior and those joined to Him share in His warlike attributes.

Such warlike rhetoric is a common thread throughout the writings of the new apostles and prophets. Sadly, it may someday result in the spilling of blood, and the consequences will be paid by all who call themselves Christian.

Note the key words above: Overcomers, forerunners, warriors, references to a new generation.  It is the heretical Latter Rain teachings of half a century ago repackaged for the 21st century.

Let’s be clear: We are not called by Christ to engage in warfare, except of the spiritual kind. Our weapons are prayer and fasting. He defeats the forces of evil when He returns. Appropriating that role for ourselves is heresy.

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