Yes, this is real

If your child brought this home from Sunday School, how long would you remain a member of that church?


This is so over the top that I was sure it was a parody produced by atheists. It’s not.

This piece of propaganda comes from Elevation Church, a megachurch in Charlotte, North Carolina. Elevation is pastored by Steven Furtick, a young man who’s come in for some criticism lately: Preaching Word-Faith, too concerned about butts in seats (a fair cop — see points 5 and 9 of the Elevation Church Code, their 12 “core values”), greedy (building a $1.7 million dollar home; compensation set by handpicked board of advisers who all happen to be megachurch pastors themselves), and thin-skinned (see this bizarre video response to his critics, titled “Hey Haters”).

Oh, yeah, Furtick also requires volunteers at Elevation to sign a confidentiality agreement.  Seriously.

Not just to protect sensitive personal information about members of the congregation or staff, but…

(iii) the Church’s plans and projections for opportunities for new or developing ideas; and/or (iv) the Church’s research and development activities and technical data.

“Developing ideas?” “Research and development”?  Really? Is Furtick afraid an idea for a sermon series might be turned into a book by another pastor first?

Well, now I’m delving deeper into this than I planned.  Bottom line:  If a church I’m a member of ever starts teaching that we unite under anyone except Christ (and enforcing said unity with court-ordered injunctions), we’re gone.

Update:  As always, Sharon comes up with the best line: “Elevation Church is obviously so named because its mission is elevating ‘Pastor Steven’.”  Amen.

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