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Glad to Be Home

Prophecy SummitSharon and I finally made it back from the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak about two hours ago. What a great weekend! Sharon’s presentations on genetics and how researchers are actively trying “hack the ladder” (modify DNA, or create artificial DNA — what could possibly go wrong?) were very well received.  People are beginning to learn what I’ve known for 16 years — that Sharon Gilbert is the smartest person I know.

My talk went well enough, although I realize now that it would have had more impact if I’d cut it down by about half an hour.  People eager to hear Russ Dizdar, who followed me in that breakout room, started filing in and searching for seats before I was done.  One man walked in front of the camera and asked, “When is this guy going to finish?” — or something to that effect.  I hope the guys can take that out in post.

But that was no big deal.  The rest of the weekend, I had the best job at the conference: Interviewing as many of the speakers as I could fit into two and a half days.  I haven’t checked the count, but I believe I recorded video sessions with 26 or 27 out of 30.

The audio from those sessions will appear as interviews on A View From the Bunker over the next few months.  Two are already online — an interview with Sharon on her field of expertise, and a round table discussion with Ken Johnson, Doug Hamp, and Cris Putnam.  Check them out at

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