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Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak

Sharon and I are in Colorado Springs this weekend, but so far the closest we’ve come to Pikes Peak is our hotel window.  Some, maybe most, would consider that a wasted trip.  But we’re here at the invitation of Prophecy in the News, and we are having a great time.

This is a wonderful collection of about 1,000 speakers and attendees looking for answers to the Big Questions–especially, “Why are we here,” and, “Where are we going?”

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to interview just about all of the speakers at the conference, including the smartest person I know (that would be my beautiful wife).  From serious, credentialed Bible scholars to a police investigator-turned-archaeologist (Bob Cornuke), this has been a fascinating and rewarding weekend.

Even the group that turned up to expose us all as heretics can’t spoil it.

Update: The last line of this post was unnecessary and mean spirited. Please see my followup post titled “Once More, With Restraint”.

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