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Not bored with the blog, honest!

It was a bit surprising to see that I haven’t posted here in months.  This blog is actually in its 11th year now, but it’s fair to say that I’ve put less effort into it this year than I have at any time since its creation.

A lot of blogs go through a what has become a common pattern.  Someone discovers the ease of setting up a new blog, maybe at a free site like Blogger or, and writes faithfully for a week or two.  Maybe the content is even worth a look.  But soon the excitement of seeing one’s words on the web wears off, the frequency of new posts drops off, and finally, after a long period of silence — and maybe a post or two about being really busy — the blog goes dark.

That’s not my intention here.  It does seem, however, that my ability to update has been seriously compromised by real life.  And I confess that many of the updates in the blog’s early years were posted when I should have been working.  It’s astonishing how much you can accomplish when you’re supposed to be doing something else.

Since we’ve moved from Indiana to Charleston, Illinois, my job requires more self-starting than it did previously.  Not to take anything away from our inside sales staff (if I’d realized how important they were to our outside reps, I’d have worked a lot harder), but when I was on the inside desk, the day was over at the end of the day.  Now my schedule is much more flexible, which is nice, but it also means I have to occasionally search for leads during what used to be free time.  And there are occasional overnight trips to parts of my territory that are just too far to get to and from in a day.

Moving closer to an active barbershop chorus has also taken its toll on writing time.  Back in Indiana, we were far enough away from Indianapolis that I laid out of the Barbershop Harmony Society for several years.  Here in Illinois, we’re only a few miles from the Coles County Chorus, which I serve as the webmaster and PR guy.

It also happened that we moved here just as three pretty darn good singers needed a tenor to fill out a quartet.  Guess which part I sing?

Sharon and I were led to a wonderful church, which has also drawn upon our stockpile of available time.  She’s playing piano for services (temporarily–our longtime pianist/organist broke her hip in a fall from her bicycle), chairing the missions committee, and managing the website.  We sing in the choir, and I was asked to serve as a deacon (which I consider a high honor).  I even preached my first sermon recently.  Pounded the pulpit and everything!

Oh, yeah — the other three men in the choir also sing in the aforementioned barbershop chorus.  Result: An a cappella gospel quartet.

The "I need a walk" stare
The “I need a walk” stare

And then there are the daily walks with Sam T. Dachshund.  Who can resist that face?

So it’s not that I’m bored with writing or have any less of a psychological need to inflict my opinions on the world.  It may be just that life is returning to a better balance — less virtual and more analog.  As much as we deeply appreciate the virtual fellowship that has developed around P.I.D. Radio the last eight years, it’s truly a blessing to be a part of an active, loving, local community.  I will continue to struggle with the proper balance, no doubt, but it’s not from boredom that you see less of me here than our neighbors do of me face to face.

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