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Goodbye, Lovie?

Well, the Vikings take the final NFC playoff spot ahead of the Bears by beating the Packers 37-34 on a last-second field goal.  Disappointing, after the Bears’ 7-1 start this season, but maybe it’s better to head to the offseason now instead of after what could have been a humiliating first-round exit in San Francisco next weekend.  Sure, anything can happen on the field, but even during the Bears’ victories over mediocre Detroit and Arizona teams, they didn’t inspire much hope that they’d be competitive against the 49ers or Falcons.

I tend to think more of Bears head coach Lovie Smith than the sports pundit community in Chicago, but after nine years at the helm — and missing the playoffs the last two seasons after starting 7-3 last year and 7-1 this season — Lovie will probably find himself working elsewhere next year.

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