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Oh, the weather outside…

400x266_12252225_tonightsnowWell, the National Weather Service backed off its Winter Storm Watch last night and downgraded the alert to a Winter Weather Advisory.  Around lunchtime today, they backtracked and issued a Blizzard Warning for East Central Illinois.  Haven’t seen one of those in a long, long time.  We’re on the northern edge of the 3″-6″ snow band, according to the AccuWeather graphic at right.

We’ll be OK.  Thanks to Sharon’s magnificent Christmas meal, we’ve got leftovers to last through next week!  Thanks to my employer, I don’t need to leave the house for work until next Wednesday.

So the next few days will be a pleasant respite from the normal work routine, a time to rest, recharge, reorganize, and look forward to a happy 2013.  I hope you have the opportunity for the same.

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