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Has it been that long?

I realized the other day that it’s been two months since I posted anything to my blog. Not that the world spins off its axis when it’s deprived of my opinion; it just struck me as funny that I used to post multiple times a day — often when I should have been doing something else.

This isn’t a bad development. One of the reasons I’ve been quiet is that I’m generally busy doing something else, often related to work or my hobby of singing a cappella music. And maybe I’ve realized, finally, that the world really doesn’t spin off its axis when it’s deprived of my opinion. Or maybe after ten years of blogging, seeing my words on the Interwebs just isn’t the same thrill it once was.

Sadly, it’s not because I spend less time at the computer.

We’ll see how things progress going forward. I’ve got other responsibilities that draw time away from opining on the news of the day — but there are plenty of other places on the web for that.

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