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Branson: The Prequel

Made it to Branson tonight, a little slower than expected. We had a scare on the way down when Sharon caught a phantom $91 charge against our debit card shortly after I stopped for gas in St. James, Missouri.

I was half an hour down I-44 when she called–so much for vocal rest–and I turned around at the next exit and headed back to St. James. They couldn’t find the charge, and it had dropped off our online statement before I got to Branson. Apparently it was a temporary authorization at the pump that should have disappeared once I topped off the tank. (Which holds 16 gallons–about $50 worth, max.)

Our good friend Sam Miller of MultEye-Media Productions is here to record the video for the interviews you’ll hear on our websites beginning Friday. Sam, new friend Mark Warren, and I found the local Golden Corral and had a hearty dinner to prep for the weekend. Twenty hours of interviews in two-and-a-half days? Sleep is for sissies!

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