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I think I know how aging athletes feel

Not that I have any clue how athletes feel in general.  As a kid with flat feet and asthma, I wasn’t exactly a gym rat.

Still, here it is a Saturday and I’m spending the second day in a row on a heating pad because my lower back started a conga line of spasms Wednesday morning that’s just now losing steam.  Our mower is roaring defiance at the lawn, except that Sharon is out there pushing it while I’m in here finding the perfect balance between muscle relaxers and coffee.

Instead of calling on customers yesterday, I moved info-bits around our customer database and tried not to move.  It’s a bit humiliating.  I’ve never been particularly physical, but needing help to stand so I can hobble to the bathroom…

This has to be something like what it feels like to lose the movement and a few MPH off your fastball.  Or at least as close to that feeling as I’ll get.  Time to start loading the mitt with pine tar to get by for a few more years.

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