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What democracy hath wrought

Saddam Hussein is starting to look good by comparison:

More than 90 Iraqi students have been stoned to death for their Emo haircuts by religious extremists in Baghdad in the past month after an interior ministry statement dubbed it devil worshipping.

Iraq’s Moral Police released a statement on the interior ministry’s website condemning the ’emo phenomenon’ among Iraqi youth, declaring its intent to ‘eliminate’ the trend.

‘The Emo phenomenon or devil worshipping is being followed by the Moral Police who have the approval to eliminate [the phenomenon] as soon as possible since it’s detrimentally affecting the society and becoming a danger,’ the statement read.

Saddam was no prince, but he kept a lid on stuff like this.

Americans of both major parties have trumpeted the spread of democracy in the Middle East, thanks to our benevolent intervention (and about 110,000 deaths).  But what anyone with a brain could see was that self-determination in a predominantly conservative Shia Muslim nation would result in sharia as the law of the land.  And Iran’s new best friend.

It’s hard to believe that the giant brains who have overseen the foreign policy for George W. Bush and Barack Obama didn’t see this coming. Regardless of our opinion of the federal government, total idiots just don’t rise to that level.

Perhaps not coincidentally, it’s estimated that the number of Christians in Iraq has dropped over the last ten years from about 850,000 to 345,000 — and fewer every month.

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