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Wiccans respond to God’s Ghostbusters

God's GhostbustersSharon and I haven’t talked much about our contributions to God’s Ghostbusters, the new book from Tom Horn’s Defender Publishing. It’s out just in time for Halloween (of course — Tom is a sharp marketing guy) and addresses all the superstars of the season: Witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, and other creatures of the night.

In addition to Sharon’s chapter on virtual sin and mine on the spirit behind modern vampire chic, God’s Ghostbusters includes contributions from Chuck Missler, Russ Dizdar, Michael Hoggard, John McTernan, Terry James, Gary Bates, Gary Stearman, and others.

Comes word today that witches have noticed our effort. Apparently some of them — like Tom Horn — anticipate rapid growth in the number of witches here in the United States. The press release linked above, which quotes from God’s Ghostbusters, is a call for students to become teachers of the Craft to meet the demand.

Needless to say, the Witch School has a different perspective on whether this trend is a good thing.

One critic at has already found it necessary to post a one-star review of the book — based on its description, not the book itself. His charge that the book has all the depth of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady character from Saturday Night Live proves only that he’s not familiar with deep, out-of-the-box thinkers like Missler, Stearman, Horn, Woodward, et al. Or my wife, I’m proud to say, who — in my unbiased (!) opinion — is the smartest person I know.

I haven’t had the opportunity to read more than the chapters Sharon and I have contributed, but after hearing Gary Stearman’s presentation on dragons at the Future Congress this summer, I can’t wait to dig in. And, I must add, I am truly honored to be included in this collection.

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