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Hell per Bell

Vox Day calls out the wolf in the fold:

[Rob] Bell tells Time that he wonders if “there is a massive shift coming in what it means to be a Christian,” that “something new is in the air.” But there is nothing new about yet another wolf in sheeps clothing attempting to strip Jesus Christ from Christianity. There will be no change in what it actually means to be a Christian. There will merely be more people like the members of Bells Mars Hill Bible Church and the secular cult formerly known as the Episcopalian Church who call themselves Christians without demonstrating any respect for the teachings or the sacrifice of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Christians need to stand against this heresy.  Logical fallacies aside, the New Atheists are easy for believers to ignore because they openly oppose Jesus.  Rob Bell, a virtual rock star among evangelicals, is far more dangerous to the faith.

Bell’s claims to be a Christian, but he does what the atheists can’t: he tears down the wall between Christianity and the world.  Christians who buy into his non-judgmental pseudo-christianity are committing theological suicide.

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