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Sam’s big adventure

Sam Dachshund

One of the home improvement projects we need to complete sooner than later is a fence of some sort around at least part of the new back yard. We live on the edge of town, close enough that several neighbors have advised us to landscape with plants that deer find distasteful.

In lieu of a fence for the short term, we’ve been using a couple of outdoor chairs to block the stairs leading from the deck to the yard. Well, last night I forgot to put the chairs back in place after hauling something in from the shed. Sharon let Sam Dachshund out on the deck to enjoy the late afternoon breeze. Something on the wind caught his nose, and before I could run out there to replace the chairs, Sam was gone.

He’s no dummy, though. Dachshunds, like armies, run on their stomachs, and he knows where the snacks are. Fifteen frantic minutes of searching the neighborhood availed nothing, but Sharon’s call of, “Who’s been good?” (which, translated into dachshund, means, “Snack!”) brought him back.

Believe me, I’m thankful he decided to follow his nose back home. He’s been a wonderful companion, especially for Sharon during the day while I’m gone. It could have been a very long weekend.

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