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Rob Bell squirms

I’ve just become a fan of MSNBC’s Martin Bashir. Watch this interview with Rob Bell, author of the new book Love Wins, as Bashir nails him to the wall over Bell’s attempt to proclaim universalism while denying that he’s a universalist:

Bell’s defense of his theological position is based on his inability to reconcile the notion of Hell with a loving God. He’s visibly uncomfortable as Bashir returns several times to the question, “Is it irrelevant and is it immaterial about how one responds to Christ in this life in terms of determining one’s eternal destiny?”

While Bell says that response is “terribly important”, he never really explains why. If we all are reconciled to God regardless of how we respond to Christ in this life, then Jesus’ was a liar or a lunatic, and his death was a senseless tragedy.

Bashir is right: Rob Bell has amended the gospel to make it palatable to a self-centered 21st century Western audience.

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