Flying Sorcerers!

Friday night during A View From The Bunker, a listener posted a question in the chat room about a mysterious discovery in Afghanistan. Steve Quayle discussed with George Noory on the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM the report of a vimana encased in a “time well” that had caused the disappearance of a number of US soldiers.

Vimana is a Sanskrit word that can mean temple or palace — or, in this instance, apparently, it refers to a mythological flying machine described in ancient Sanskrit epics.

Well, I looked for some open-source corroboration of the story. All the links I’ve found point back to one original article from December 10, 2010 at titled World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered.

The pseudonymous author of this piece of fiction is Sorcha Faal, A/K/A David Booth, whose magnum opus is Dirty, Filthy Christians: Treatise On The Most Dangerous Death Cult In Human History. Given the obvious and virulently anti-Christian bias of the author, and the fact the he’s so absolutely wrong about the basic nature of the universe, no thinking Christian should give credence to anything Faal/Booth has to say.

The takeaway from the article is simply that somebody — maybe Booth, maybe others — want to spread the meme that secret technology from ancient “gods” is now reappearing, and perhaps the gods themselves will soon follow — as evidenced by Faal/Booth’s book The Return of the Einherjar Warriors, a reference to Ragnarok, which is basically a mythic Norse version of Armageddon.

Faal/Booth is a gifted creative writer, able to weave clever stories around otherwise dull and unconnected news events. (Ah, ha! The REAL reason Sarkoszy visited Afghanistan!) It makes for interesting radio, and George Noory is a savvy broadcaster who understands his audience and the need to deliver ratings to his advertisers.

Read Sorcha Faal for entertainment value only, but don’t pack your bugout bag based on anything at

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