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A good day

It’s good to belong to a church that makes you excited about getting up and out of bed on Sunday morning. A good service this morning, the dying batteries in our pastor’s wireless mic notwithstanding. A nap during the Colts game was followed by a pleasant evening with our pastor, his wife, and their two children. (Wario wins at Mario Kart Racing again — MUAH-hahahahaha!)

And now some quiet time. I didn’t record an interview for A View From the Bunker this weekend, so we’ll have to muddle through without one this week.

In fact, in the weeks ahead I’ll probably scale back and stop uploading the separate Sunday interviews for VFTB. After the first of the year, we hope to have the equipment and process in place to produce a weekly P.I.D. News (or some such name) in video form, and the extra time will have to come from somewhere. What I’ll probably do to compensate is offer more interviews during the Friday night VFTB Live; for example, this coming Friday, we’ll feature a discussion of globalism and the transhumanist movement with Carl Teichrib, chief editor of Forcing Change, and another look at the ongoing horror of organized pedophilia with William H. Kennedy, author of Lucifer’s Lodge.

So some changes are coming, but we think for the better. Our mission is still the same: we hope to awaken people, Christians especially, to the reality of the spiritual war that rages around us.

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