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So open minded the brain falls out

That apparently describes some in the Emergent Church. Ken Silva documents an unusual 10/13 celebration at Faith House Manhattan:

Yes, those are pentacles. Celebrating Samhain with wiccans — how tolerant!

Look, Christians aren’t supposed to be rude, vicious, or hateful to our friends and neighbors, but ready to preach the gospel in season and out, ready to offer the reasons for the hope we have in Christ with gentleness and respect.

However, the Bible doesn’t offer any suggestion whatsoever that such respect includes actual worship with wiccans.  God was pretty clear on the matter of witches.  Although we don’t kill them in the Christian era (note that the Apostles didn’t smite with the sword the wizards they encountered, like Simon Magus and Elymas), the reasons for avoiding contact with the spirit realm, except through prayer and worship of the one true God, are still valid.

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