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Ain’t no mountain

Another partnership between prominent evangelicals and the Joel’s Army Division of the New Apostolic Reformation is ready to advance on the Seven Mountains of Influence:

“We call on all faithful Christians to join us in the fight to defend life, protect and revitalize marriage, and preserve religious liberty and the rights of conscience,” says Jim Garlow, pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, who is spearheading the prayer effort.

“We must work tirelessly in all the ‘seven spheres of cultural influence,’” he adds, referring to the home; the church; civil government, law, and military; business and technology; education; media; and arts, entertainment and professional sports.

There is nothing wrong with praying for our nation and its leaders. Yes, that includes President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Reid.

But the “seven mountains” doctrine is an unbiblical teaching that’s part and parcel of the Dominionist belief that Christians must take back not just America, but all of planet Earth — because Jesus won’t come back until we do.

Dr. Garlow may not believe that, but people he’s associating with certainly do.  And well-meaning Christians, understandably and rightly disturbed about the direction of our culture, are being lured into this heresy.

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