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Unemployed accused felon wins SC Dem senate primary

Sometimes you wonder whether there shouldn’t be restrictions on just who is eligible to vote:

Leaders of the Democratic Party in South Carolina rejected a protest Thursday evening of the stunning U.S. Senate primary win by a man charged with a felony.

The party’s executive committee ruled that Alvin Greene, an unemployed veteran, is the official nominee.

Greene was charged in November with showing obscene Internet photos to a college student during a computer lab at the University of South Carolina.

Greene’s opponent in the primary, Vic Rawls, is a Charleston county councilman and a former judge.Rawls filed a protest with the Democratic Party because Greene won despite the fact that Greene made no campaign appearances and did not run any advertising.

So Democrats in South Carolina voted for Alvin Greene because…why?  His name was first on the ballot?

Well, at least Greene is breathing — unlike the late Mel Carnahan, who was elected to the U.S. Senate by Missouri voters in 2000 a couple of weeks after he died in a plane crash.

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