More on Porter’s rant

Another thought on Janet Porter’s hit piece on Discernment Ministries: either Mrs. Porter doesn’t understand what her allies in the culture war are about, or she’s being really disingenuous.

None of these people support a “dominion theology” that seeks to establish a theocracy.

Really? How then do we force a change of hearts on an unwilling nation?

More importantly, exactly how does an outward morality imposed by legislation and enforced by the power of the state please God? Jesus told his disciples that simply lusting after a woman is adultery and hating your brother is murder. Not like adultery or like murder — they are in essence one and the same.

Remember, the Pharisees were pretty good at presenting an outward morality, too, which they imposed like a yoke on the Jewish people. Their reward? Jesus called them serpents and hypocrites who were “like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.”

The problem with Dominion theology — and make no mistake, Porter’s May Day 2010 event was Dominionist to the core — is that it’s a top-down political, legal (and legalistic) approach to an individual problem — sin.

We who oppose Dominionism aren’t blind to the moral decay around us. We do not condone it, but neither are we sitting still. We fight with the weapon Christ gave us, not with our own strength. Dominionists value political organizing above prayer and fasting.

It’s not about salvation for them; it’s about control.

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