A Day That Will Live in Hypocricy

Living “green” means they collect all our money, apparently:

On a normal day, Majken Friss Jorgensen, managing director of Copenhagen’s biggest limousine company, says her firm has twelve vehicles on the road. During the “summit to save the world”, which opens here tomorrow, she will have 200. …

“We haven’t got enough limos in the country to fulfil the demand,” she says. “We’re having to drive them in hundreds of miles from Germany and Sweden.”

1,200 limos and 140 private planes, some of which will park in Sweden during the conference because there’s no room at the regional airports around Copenhagen.  If ever there was a time to use GoToMeeting.com…

But no.  That’s for plebs.  The patricians paid a lot of money to get to this conference and do important, world-changing — well, it’ll change for us plebs, anyway — work, so they deserve their expensive carbon-emitting perks.


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