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Audiobook episode 25

The God Conspiracy

Episode 25 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy is now online.

In this episode: Captain Thiel confronts Malthus/Green in the heart of Raven Rock Mountain. While he was correct about who Malthus is, Thiel is very much mistaken about what.

At Scott Air Base, the public protest stirred up by the Alliance draws the St. Louis media. Base security joins the 369th MPs to hold off the UN forces and bring the situation back under control. Barney Ison and Popeye Bailey slip away, knowing that they’d been televised by the news crews.

And in St. Louis, Joe Unes is disturbed to learn that the computers he’d signed into the evidence locker at the FBI field office have disappeared, with no record that they were ever there.

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