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Audiobook episode 24

The God Conspiracy

Episode 24 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy is now online.

In this episode: Joe Unes makes it home and successfully delivers the computers from Iowa to an evidence locker at the FBI’s St. Louis field office.

At Scott Air Base, the battle rages between the 369th MPs and the UN troops, and a local radio station’s traffic helicopter is caught in the crossfire. On the ground, Tony Harris’ bum knee gives way at the worst possible time, but Terry Norlock, who escaped from the detainees’ camp during the battle, saves Harris from a UN soldier with a quarterstaff and “medieval whup-ass”.

Meanwhile, beneath Raven Rock Mountain, Capt. Alan Thiel follows Capt. Tom Wetzel into the heart of Site R — and finally meets Malthus face to face.

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