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Audiobook Episode 22

The God Conspiracy

Episode 22 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy is now online.

In this episode: Fresh from his rescue in the cornfield, a dazed Agent Unes gets a ride back to St. Louis in Barney Ison’s Winnebago. Ison sheds some light on the true nature of the enemy behind the 10/13 attacks. In the back of the motor home, Popeye Bailey makes a discovery about the mysterious e-mail from ‘God’.

At Scott Air Base, the 369th MPs are shocked to learn that their replacements are United Nations troops. At the detainees’ barracks, the men are awakened by the sound of big helicopters landing at the airfield — followed by gunfire.

Meanwhile, Capt. Alan Thiel leads his team into the heart of Raven Rock Mountain, desperately hoping that he’s guessed right about where to find Malthus.

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