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Audiobook Episode 21

The God Conspiracy

Episode 21 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy is now online.

In this episode: Capt. Thiel finds a pilot to drop his A-team onto Raven Rock Mountain. He’s gambling the careers and maybe the lives of his men that Malthus is in the bunker beneath the mountain.

At Scott Air Base, Lt. Tony Harris and the 369th MPs are called out by their captain. Capt. Poverello has learned — through unofficial channels — that an unknown unit is on its way to the base to relieve them, even though the 369th only arrived at Scott a few days earlier. In the barracks, the shouts of their guards and the sound of boots hitting the turf at a run begin to wake the detainees.

And driving back to St. Louis from Iowa, Special Agent Joe Unes discovers with a shock that the situation is far more serious than he bargained for.

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