Audiobook Episode 19

The God Conspiracy

Episode 19 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy is now online.

In this episode: At the detention camp outside Scott Air Base, Gruner, Vijay and Norlock find Scott Stauffer, who thanks his friends for their rescue attempt — in spite of the way it turned out. Then Gruner plays a hunch and forces Captain Poverello to call off the planned flu shots for the detainees.

Meanwhile, a tense meeting takes place in the Moores’ kitchen between Captain Thiel and his A-team and the women whose husbands they arrested Sunday morning. Eric Moore confirms the suspicions of Thiel and Agent Unes: the computers were the key — or rather, the strange e-mail from “God” was the key to the terror events of 10/13.

Just as Thiel and his men leave to plan their next move, a tall, round-faced man with thinning hair arrives at the Moores’ home. He announces that his name is Barney Ison, and he’s there to help.

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