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The Lost Symbol

I hadn’t planned to spend money on Dan Brown’s new book, but it looks like we’ll have to. Besides painting Freemasonry in a positive light, according to Freemasons For Dummies author Chris Hodapp, it appears that the Institute of Noetic Sciences plays a major role in the plot.

Why is this of interest? The Institute of Noetic Sciences has been making inroads into mainstream evangelical Christianity through its links to The Family (AKA The Fellowship), a secretive group that promotes a political agenda to address spiritual problems. (See Constance Cumbey’s excellent series “‘The Family’ and its Hijacking of Evangelicalism” at Forget the Moral Majority, the Family Research Council, and the Southern Baptist Convention; The Family, which founded the annual National Prayer Breakfast during the Eisenhower administration, is arguably the most politically influential “Christian” group in the world.

Together with the equally secretive Council for National Policy, which styles itself as a conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Family is pushing a dominionist heresy that true Christians should disavow and condemn. The links between The Family and New Agers like the Institute of Noetic Science shouldn’t be too surprising because their goal is the same — to create heaven on Earth.

That ain’t happening until Christ returns, and anyone who says otherwise is not only wrong, he’s dead wrong.

We’ll have a review of The Lost Symbol at Watcher Magazine shortly, and please listen to my interview with Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, which will be posted tomorrow afternoon at P.I.D. Radio.

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