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Audiobook Episode 18

The God Conspiracy

Episode 18 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy, which is somehow still clinging to a spot among the Top Ten audiobooks at, is now online.

In this episode: Congressman Benson awakens to find himself tied to a chair in a small, windowless room. A man with a deep, raspy voice named Green provides a horrific demonstration of the BioStrain chip, and then injects Benson with the chip to ensure the congressman’s cooperation.

In Iowa, Capt. Thiel decides that working with Agent Unes and Deputy Jurasik was his best chance to find out who’s using his A-team as a cleanup crew, and for what. And at the detention camp behind Scott Air Base, Gruner, Vijay, and Norlock learn that they’ve arrived just in time to receive flu shots with everyone else at the camp.

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