VFTB 013: Leonard Ulrich — Secret Societies and Bible Prophecy

TIME GROWS short, says Leonard Ulrich. That’s why he’s producing a series of forthcoming documentary films called New World Order: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy. You can watch a rough cut of the first ten minutes at YouTube.

Leonard’s contention is that evil in this world is being supernaturally directed toward the emergence of the Antichrist in the very near future, and that the time has come to resist evil as never before. Step one, of course, is to recognize what’s happenening–which, sadly, too many professing Christians do not.

For background, here are a few links to documents Leonard mentioned during the interview:

Leonard Ulrich
Leonard Ulrich in front of a Masonic lodge displaying the date of construction in Anno Domini and Anno Lucis.

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1 Comment on VFTB 013: Leonard Ulrich — Secret Societies and Bible Prophecy

  1. Hi Leonard, you are right on many things. I have been researching the rabbit hole for five years now. It has taken me a while to figure out that the West/NWO is using islam to destroy the West,Christianity the Jews and the entirety of Israel. When you claim that Israel with the US is behind isis, you are speaking lies against the God of Israel’s chosen people, the apple of His eyes, the people HE chose to bring light to the world. This is vile anti-semitism and another HUGE libel against the Jews. You had better go back and study this again. Do not go against God’s chosen. The Jews and Yeshua our Saviour have suffered enough to bring light to the world. Yet, you still speak against your brothers. Yeshua is Jewish, His teachings are Jewish. The pagan world perverted Yeshua’s teachings into “Christianity” as we know it today. The catholic church has ALWAYS been anti-semitic. Churches today are teaching false replacement theology and support BDS. There is only 1 Israel and 57 muslim countries. Yet, the ENTIRE world is pushing the narrative that Israel is supremacist. BS> !What is islam doing today ? It is following the islamic supremacist doctrine of hijrah, which is exactly what is taking place in Europe. Europe now has only civil war in it’s future. We are witnessing white genocide. But again, this is a NWO plan worked out with Saudi Arabia. This explains why none of the rich Gulf muslim countries are not taking in any FAKE refugees.
    But, I digress.
    Sadly. very few churches follow Yeshua, read the Bible, support Israel and our Jewish brethren 1000%. These few churches are the remnant Christians. If you go against the Jews and Israel, Yahweh will go against you.! . Albert Pike’s book details the destruction of Israel. Obama the muslim, gave Iran the power to do just that. He is allowing Iran to nuke Israel. Know this,Yahweh will PROTECT Israel. He is trying to bring His people to Yeshuah.
    Leonard, DO NOT spread lies about the Jews and Israel. God will judge you severely.
    Yeshua is goodness, sweetness and light. All that HE created is goodness, sweetness and light. Man, out of all HIS creations rebels against God incessantly and rejects the Light of the World. Choose Yahweh and His Son Yeshua. Choose to support your Jewish brothers and Israel.
    Helena R Danko
    Victoria Harbour, On

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