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Audiobook Episode 17

The God Conspiracy

Episode 17 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy, which is still desperately clinging to a spot among the Top Ten audiobooks at, is now online.

In this episode: Cindy Moore discovers the website that Eric created to tell the world about Bob’s arrest. Remembering the telephoned threat, Cindy panics and demands that Eric delete it immediately.

Across town, Agent Unes and Chief Deputy Jurasik visit the homes of the boys who received Eric’s mysterious email from “God”. As Unes suspected, the computer is missing at their first stop. But at the home where Frank Allen had drowned his wife the previous day, Unes and Jurasik find more than they expected — or wanted.

And across the river from St. Louis, Gruner, Norlock and Vijay search the perimeter of Scott Air Base, looking for evidence of a new detention camp. Equipped with night vision goggles Gruner bought over the Internet, they discover that the barbed wire fence around the base is intended to keep people in, not out — and that they aren’t quite as stealthy as they’d hoped.

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