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Audiobook episode 16

The God Conspiracy

Episode 16 of the free podcast audiobook edition of The God Conspiracy, which is still somehow hanging on in the Top Ten audiobooks at, is now online.

In this episode: Bob Moore meets Lt. Tony Harris and discovers that he, Pastor Schiebold, and Sheriff Thornton have been arrested as suspected terrorists. FBI Agent Joe Unes arrives in Mayfield, Iowa and meets with Chief Deputy Jurasik to compare notes.

At Fort Campbell, Capt. Alan Thiel learns that Tech Sgt. Bako smashed up the computers they retrieved from Mayfield before his murderous rampage — and that Bako had planned something even more deadly before he’d been stopped. In Washington, Sam Wilmer misses his meeting with Congressman Benson, and Benson fails to make it back to the Capitol.

And back in Mayfield, Eric Moore gets a response to the web page about his dad’s arrest — an email promising that someone is finally going to help.

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