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ELCA self destructs

The denomination in which I was raised throws itself onto the funeral pyre of political correctness:

On a 559-451 vote taken Friday in Minneapolis at their biennial conference, delegates repealed the [Evangelical Lutheran Church in America] ban on gay clergy unless they agree to remain celibate. It makes ELCA, with 4.8 million members nationwide and 830,000 in Minnesota, the largest denomination in the country to welcome gays into the pulpits without restriction.

This was predictable.  After the ELCA extended full communion to the Episcopal Church USA  and the United Church of Christ, it was a no-brainer to call this one.

Forgive me if I missed the memo, but as far as I know God still considers homosexuality a sin.  And while Christian doctrine is predicated on the fact that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, it appears that mainline Protestant denominations are all to happy to rewrite the Bible and create a small-“G” god who lives up to their rather low standards.

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