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Guns and Obama

Guns and Obama

The meme spreads:

A man in a shirt and tie carried a shoulder-slung rifle near President Obama’s entourage in Phoenix Tuesday. Since carrying a gun is legal in Arizona, police did not take action against him or any other gun-carrying protesters.

Last week, however, a man was arrested near the presidential town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., for not having the proper permits for a gun. Another man wore a gun in a leg holster.

Look, I support the right to bear arms, but the safety of the Chief Executive has to trump local gun laws. It’s not as disturbing that people want to wave their guns in proximity to the President of the United States as that they’re being allowed to do so by the Secret Service and local law enforcement.

Even more disturbing — and to the point — is that MSNBC chose not to report that the man in the shirt and tie is an African-American, instead feeding the meme that a lone white gunman is a clear and present danger to the life of President Obama.

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