Audiobook episode 14

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Episode 14 of the free podcast audio book edition of The God Conspiracy, still one of the top five audio books at, is now online.

In this episode: Jared, Terry, and Vijay pay a visit to the FBI’s St. Louis field office to convince Agent Joe Unes that something bigger is happening than just the disappearance of Scott Stauffer. As proof, they hand Unes a file containing, among other things, a screen capture of Eric Moore’s new website.

Just across the Mississippi River, Lieutenant Tony Harris decides to find out for himself what kind of men are being rounded up and held at the detention camp guarded by his 369th MPs. And at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Captain Alan Thiel returns to the barracks after an early morning run to find his tech sergeant, Raymond Bako, screaming about Armageddon–and shooting at anything that moves.

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