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Iron Dragons

Our friend Von Glitschka, a brilliant artist and designer, has come up with a new design for for my debut novel Iron Dragons. The dragon was graciously loaned to us by its creator, world-class fantasy artist Ciruelo Cabral. This cover will be part of the new edition of Iron Dragons, available soon.

This is truly an honor. Von’s client list includes Microsoft (we’ll forgive him for that because we know he’s a Mac guy), General Motors, Pepsi, IBM, Hasbro, MSNBC, Upper Deck, Kimberly Clark, and others.

Cabral’s art has been featured on book covers for numerous fantasy titles (including one for one of my favorite authors, A Wizard in Absentia by Christopher Stasheff), and on album covers for recording artists like Steve Vai and Frank Zappa.

Now that Von has created a visual “brand” for the Saramond Quests series, I need to get off the schneid and finish the draft of the sequel, Trees of Glass!

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