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Novelcasting picks up on the concept:

the uncertain financial climate, the impact of supermarkets on the book trade and bookshops tending to give more prominence to bestsellers have lead many publishers to play safe when signing new authors. The raised barriers have prompted a new breed of novelists to embrace the internet and social media – and the principle of giving their work away to reach an audience. They call themselves “podcast authors” and their success so far is suggesting that maybe they’re the future of publishing.

The number of downloads of the podcast audio book editions of Iron Dragons and The God Conspiracy dwarfs the number of copies sold. That’s understandable; buyers with $15 to spend at Barnes and Noble or will have to exhaust a long list of authors they’ve heard of before they get down to me. So the idea of marketing with my strengths — while not a professional voice actor, I’ve learned a little bit during my dozen or so years as a professional broadcaster — was a natural. Especially since Sharon and I have been podcasting since early 2005, maybe a year after the word “podcast” was invented.

It’s encouraging to see authors at enjoying some success. It makes it all the more enjoyable that The God Conspiracy has hung in among the top five audio novels at all summer.

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