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GC Episode 12

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Episode 12 of the free podcast audio book edition of The God Conspiracy, the #2 audio book in the Top Ten, is now online.

Jared Gruner tries to convince Terry Norlock and Vijay Sampurnananda that Scott Stauffer has been arrested by federal agents after Gruner’s clumsy hack into a DOD server on Scott’s computer Friday afternoon. While Norlock and Vijay are skeptical, they admit it’s unusual that Stauffer hasn’t called anyone in more than a day, so they agree to look for him the only way they know how — via the Internet.

FBI agent Joe Unes reports to his boss on the interview with Rev. Ed Harper. Unes tells Special Agent in Charge Steve Clay that he doesn’t buy the Bureau’s theory that the terror attacks were caused by fundamentalist Christians trying to start the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, at Scott AFB just outside St. Louis, Sgt. Kendall Williams tells Lt. Tony Harris of the Illinois National Guard’s 369th MPs that he’s nervous that so many of the detainees at the new detention camp are preachers.

And in Mayfield, Iowa, Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Farnsworth is shot at while calling on the home of one of the boys to whom Eric Moore forwarded the strange e-mail from “God”. Farnsworth returns fire, killing the shooter — and finds to his horror that gunman was only ten years old.

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