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Cash for clunkers already busted

redneck_limousine_1Remember, these are the guys promising more health care for less money:

Four days after it launched, the popular cash-for-clunkers program has burned through its $950-million budget, sending the Obama administration scrambling to find additional money tonight and avoid a shutdown of the program.

Administration officials told Congress this evening that the plan would be suspended, triggering confusion and anger among thousands of dealers and car buyers across the country.
The plan was officially launched Monday, but Congress allowed dealers to start taking trades after July 1. NHTSA requires dealers to get several pieces of information from buyers, including proof of insurance and registration, and disable clunkers by destroying its engine before applying for reimbursement.

Joe Serra, owner of the 21-dealership Serra Automotive Group in Grand Blanc, said the system for submitting deals simply didn’t work.

“Their capacity to accept the applications is not adequate,” Serra said. “Dealers are spending all day trying to submit the applications. … I have not spoken to one dealer that has received approval, and or has been funded, for even a single transaction.”

So what happens if a dealer, acting in good faith, destroyed a couple dozen “clunkers” only to find that the government’s out of money? He’s just scrapped tens of thousands of dollars worth of cars he might have re-sold.

Ultimately, here’s what’s happened: once again, the American taxpayer has been tapped for a cash infusion to the automakers. We wouldn’t buy their cars voluntarily, so through the bailouts and now “cash for clunkers”, the government has essentially coerced us into just giving them money.

Change has indeed come to America.

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