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GC Episode 10

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Episode 10 of the free serialized audio book is online now at

Sheriff Thornton’s wife Susie calls their congressman, Harold Benson, who promises to look into the arrest of Ted, Bob Moore, and Pastor Dave Schiebold. Benson is disturbed to hear that a Special Forces A-team may have been involved.

FBI agent Joe Unes interviews Pastor Ed Harper of the Liberty Bible Church, where the terrorist who bombed the supermarket Friday night sometimes attended. Unes doesn’t get the answers he expected from Pastor Harper.

Cindy Moore calls Susie Thornton and tells her about their missing computer and the strange email from “God” that Eric received Friday afternoon. She also tells Susie that Eric had forwarded the email to three friends, including Mike Belcher — who, like the rest of his family, is now dead.

And at Site R, beneath Raven Rock Mountain, Green receives a call on his secure line from a man named Ryder, who wants to know if Green is ready to begin the games.

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