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The God Conspiracy — Episode 9

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Episode 9 of the free serialized audio book is online now at

It’s Monday morning and Cindy Moore is back home, trying to deal with the trauma of seeing Bob, Pastor Schiebold, and Sheriff Thornton arrested at gunpoint. Eric, home because school in Mayfield has been canceled after the horror at the Belcher farm Friday night, discovers that Moores’ computer is missing.

Meanwhile, Bob, Sheriff Thornton, and Pastor Schiebold have been transported to a military airfield somewhere and loaded onto a helicopter. Ted Thornton vows to himself that somebody is going to pay for this abuse of power.

In St. Louis, Special Agent Joe Unes begins investigating the church sometimes attended by the man who blew up the supermarket Friday night. Meanwhile, Vijay calls Terry Norlock and Jared Gruner when Stauffer fails to show up for work. Gruner visits Stauffer’s apartment and finds that Scott’s gone — and so is his computer.

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