The God Conspiracy – Episode 8

Episode 8 of the free serialized audio book is online now at

Captain Thiel’s A-team takes Bob Moore, Sheriff Thornton, and Pastor Dave Schiebold away from Sunday morning services at gunpoint for questioning. Meanwhile at Site R, Capt. Tom Wetzel asks Green what to tell the regional directors of FEMA about the security operations underway.

Jared Gruner and Vijay try to call Scott Stauffer with no luck; unknown to them, Stauffer has been taken to what looks like military barracks by men in an unmarked black sedan. Lt. Tony Harris and the 369th Military Police are deployed to Scott Air Base near St. Louis, where part of the base has been converted into a detention camp for suspected terrorists.

And at the St. Louis FBI Field Office, Special Agent Joe Unes is told that Washington believes fundamentalist Christians, inspired by the spreading Middle East war, are behind the terror attacks — trying to hasten the Second Coming by jump-starting the Apocalypse.

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