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Bad bridges not shovel-ready enough

July 31, 2009

We’ve got a $65 billion backlog of crumbling bridges in America. The stimulus bill only allocated $1.2 billion for bridge repair, and nearly half is going to bridges that don’t need to be fixed: Tens

Cash for clunkers already busted

July 30, 2009

Remember, these are the guys promising more health care for less money: Four days after it launched, the popular cash-for-clunkers program has burned through its $950-million budget, sending the Obama administration scrambling to find additional money tonight and avoid a shutdown of the program.

Honeymoon’s over

July 27, 2009

President Obama has squandered the most enthusiastic welcome from the American people to the White House since John F. Kennedy.

VFTB 006: Taylor Kent — Christians and Conspiracy Theories

July 26, 2009

OUR SHOW tonight was recorded live Thursday, July 23, for Taylor Kent’s Snark Infested Waters podcast. Taylor is a fan of comics, graphic novels, games, and science fiction, and we’ve talked before about Christians and culture. Taking that a step further, we discussed whether Christians, who were told by Jesus Himself to expect the world to hate us, should investigate, or even care about, conspiracy theories.

Cambridge cop gets bad rap

July 23, 2009

Cambridge, Massachusetts may have just become the safest place in America to break into a home. What hard-working police officer needs this kind of crap? The white police sergeant accused of racial profiling after he

1 star rating

July 22, 2009

Got my first 1-star (out of five) at for The God Conspiracy. That’s OK, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

The God Conspiracy is now at

July 22, 2009

It’s probably been there a couple of weeks, actually, but Sharon found it today when I mentioned that it should have appeared in the listings — well, a couple of weeks ago. Turns out I

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