Room to grow

Controlling the Earth’s population isn’t as critical as we’ve been told:

Doom-mongers have got it wrong – there is enough space in the world to produce the extra food needed to feed a growing population. And contrary to expectation, most of it can be grown in Africa, say two international reports published this week.

Alarmist projections of explosive population growth, cited to justify spending tax dollars on family planning efforts in the Third World, are based on old, outdated models. More rigorous estimates project a world population that stabilizes at the end of the century at about 9 billion, up from 6.7 billion now.

So why the efforts by elites like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller, and Oprah Winfrey to decide how best to cull the herd? (And how did Oprah get invited into the Rich Old White Guy club?) It’s creepy, when you come right down to it. Birth rates in most of the Western (read: Caucasian) world are below replacement levels, which means what growth there is in the world’s population is coming from places occupied by people of color.

Secret meetings of (liberal, mostly white) billionaires to talk about controlling how many of us get to live smack of Nazi eugenics programs.

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