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Bentley’s back

Todd Bentley is back.

In case you missed it, Bentley is the Canadian faith healer who says that he was anointed by a giant, gold dust sprinkling angel named Emma (who was male or female, depending on when he tells the story), performs false healings, and claims that the Holy Spirit led him to kick an elderly woman in the face with his biker boot during a revival meeting (in Christian love, no doubt).

The tattooed Bentley left Florida in shame last year when his Lakewood Revival collapsed after the disclosure of his marital infidelity. (This, after writing in his autobiography that God had shown him in an “open-eyed vision” that he was to marry his now ex-wife.) Now, heretic Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries is “restoring” him, and Bentley is apparently back on the job.

No wonder secularists think we Christians are dupes.

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