Double-edged sword

A Christian teen turns the Establishment clause against a secularist teacher:

Chad Farnan, a devout Christian studying at California’s Capistrano Valley high school, persuaded a judge that his European history teacher, James Corbett, violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment, which courts interpret as banning government employees from promoting, or displaying hostility towards, religion.

Farnan claimed Corbett made comments that were “derogatory, disparaging and belittling regarding religion and Christianity in particular”. In legal documents submitted to the US district court, he said he was uncomfortable going to class and felt as though Corbett had created an atmosphere in which he could not effectively learn “both because and regardless of his religious beliefs”.

While it’s amusing to see the tools of the left turned against them, I don’t remember a specific passage in the Bible where Jesus taught the apostles to file lawsuits. He told us flat out the world was going to hate us because it hated him first, so why the shock and surprise when the world smacks us around?

Besides, obtaining “secret recordings of the teacher’s remarks” seems like a sneaky way to take a stand for Christ. Yeah, turnabout is fair play, but this really feels like the kind of test case the ACLU is so good at staging.

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