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Viral marketing or psyop?


The web is buzzing about a “slide show story” called Blackjack that was posted at the website of the London Telegraph in January. The story, told in five parts (and reading like a crudely produced graphic novel), is of a false flag terror op that brings the citizens of the US, UK, Canada, and Mexico under the control of a tyrannical government.

Base 64 code embedded in one of the slides directs the ambitious reader to, where various clues have been posted over the last few days that suggest an actual countdown to something is underway.

The question on the minds of many is whether this is a clever device to push the buttons of paranoid conspiracy theorists, a brilliantly conceived alternate reality game, or predictive programming. You see, the terror events depicted in Blackjack take place this coming Monday.

Sharon has been following the clues for the last few days and has posted a few thoughts to her site. If you want to dive into the deep end, check out the forum at David Icke’s website (he’s the guy who believes the Queen of England and other world leaders are shape-shifting reptilians).

That aside, there are some things to note: the slideshow was not credited; the images, storyline, and subsequent puzzle clues posted to (and now are full of occult symbols and terminology; the Telegraph has been pointedly tight-lipped about who created this show and why it was published in its “Culture” section; and the fact that the slideshow was updated today means somebody at the newspaper is a part of whatever Blackjack is.

It may be nothing more than a big time-waster for the curious and the easily frightened. At the very least, the Telegraph owes the world an explanation. I suspect we’ll get one Monday.

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