How green is my revolution

With the turmoil that’s followed the presidential election in Iran, you’d think the mullahs there would be guarding against some neocon-instigated interference in the country’s internal affairs. It seems that their biggest worry, however, hails from the political left, not the right.

The trademark green of Mr. Mousavi’s campaign, while in theory representing of Islam, aggravated those fears, as many in power saw parallels with the “Orange” and “Rose” revolutions that overthrew repressive regimes in Georgia and the Ukraine.

Ironically, the bogeyman pointed to by fundamentalist Iranian clerics is the same one often cited by American right-wing conspriracists – liberal currency speculator and political philanthropist George Soros.

There isn’t any evidence, as far as I know, tying Soros or his Open Society Institute to the protests in Iran. Still, it’s interesting to note that the Iranians have picked up on something that the American media has ignored for eight years: when the Bush administration wanted to spread a little democracy, the State Department sent tens of millions of American tax dollars to, among others, organizations founded and controlled by George Soros. One can understand the belief that history might be repeating itself.

Now, Daily Kos readers are more likely to believe a connection between Ayatollah Khameini and American neocons than between the neocons and George Soros. But the Iranians aren’t the only ones who resent American meddling through the OSI; after the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, several Central Asian nations took action against the OSI.

Neocons and progressives — strange bedfellows, eh? Only if you assume that Republicans and Democrats are really on opposite sides.

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